Islamic resistance in Iraq, the new anti-US brand linked to the Pasdaran

Born in October 2023 – a side effect of the Gaza war – it does not refer to a specific group. A sort of marketing operation with some specific objectives

There Islamic resistance in Iraq (Al-Muqawama al-Islamiyah fi al-Iraq) is a ‘brand’ born in October 2023 – side effect of the Gaza war – which it does not refer to a specific group, rather to the operations of armed movements supported by Iran in Iraq. A sort of marketing operation which, on the one hand, has the objective of highlighting the unity of these pro-Shiite militias, and on the other of trying to protect them from possible reprisals. This ‘umbrella’ organization claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack on Tower 22, in Jordanian territory, in which three American soldiers were killed and dozens were injured.

What it is, what are the targets, the attacks, how the Islamic Resistance was born

As the Washington Institute think tank reports, the Islamic Resistance (IRI is the acronym in English) is characterized by carrying out kinetic military operations, both national and transnational, against American targets in Iraq and Syria. The ‘target’ derives from the desire to target the United States for its support of Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip.

The first attack claimed by the Iraqi Al-Muqawama militias dates back to October 17, when some Qasef-2K drones hit the Harir air base in Iraqi Kurdistan. This attack was initially claimed by Tashkil al-Waritheen, but soon after the Iraqi Islamic Resistance brand asked to change the claim. Since October 30, there have been approximately 20 more attacks against US forces in Iraq and Syria.

The birth of this ‘umbrella’ organization strongly inspired by the Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, explains the think tank, allows militias to launch attacks under a generic acronym and benefit from hiding which specific groups attack US targets. The use of this new logo, therefore, is in line with the strategy that Iran and its ‘proxies’ have been using since 2019 to avoid taking responsibility for the attacks against Americans.

The role of the Pasdaran

According to the Washington Institute, the Pasdaran elite group plays a coordinating role among the Islamic Resistance factions in Iraq. Groups such as Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba operate under the ‘protective’ wing of the brand, which on 30 October publicly announced its affiliation to the IRI with a video showing drone attacks originally published on the Telegram channel (Elam al- Harbi) of the ‘umbrella’ organisation. It is very likely, the think tank underlines, that groups such as Kataib Hezbollah, Asaib Ahl al-Haq and Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada are also part of it.