Island of the famous, Floriana Seconds did not expect it and explodes: “I want to go home”

Isola Dei Famosi, Floriana Seconds is a fury after the episode: “I want to go home”.

The new edition of The island of the famous it started a few weeks ago with the conduct of Ilary Blasi. The presenter is flanked by Nicola Savino and Vladimir Luxuria who play the role of commentators and by Alvin, the envoy to Honduras.

Island of the Famous, Floriana’s anger explodes Seconds after the episode (Credits: mediaset infinity)

The competitors landed divided, on one side the group of couples and on the other the ‘singles’. While for some it was easier because they entered already united, for others there was the initial difficulty of choosing a partner. We have seen, however, that when a couple is eliminated, they leave playappiada and break up to arrive on playa sgamada. To enter the game they have to form a pair again. Apparently, however, as announced by Ilary during the last live broadcast, from Monday there will be no more couples. This means that the castaways will begin to experience the adventure as individuals. But speaking of the competitors, in the last few hours Floriana Secondi had a moment of strong anger and threw herself against some competitors.

Island of the famous, Floriana Seconds furious: “I want to go away”

After the episode of Thursday 7 April for the castaways the adventure on the island continues. While for some couples everything is booming, we are talking about Roger and Estefania who have formed a new couple not only in the game, for the others the tension is strong.

Floriana Secondspaired with Clemente Russo, was disappointed by the nomination and had a moment of release. As explained by the castaway, Secondi did not particularly expect to receive the nomination of Carmen Di Pietro. The latter also told her that he has nothing against her but it is her game that foresees it. The fact is that Floriana appeared furious. While Estefania tried to calm her down and explain to her, she also hurled herself at her.

floriana angry after nomination
Credits .: mediaset infinity

Floriana began: I want to go home, I can’t wait, I have a lot to do, it’s not that I don’t have anything to do “, and Estefania replied: “Carmen said she has nothing against you“. But the shipwrecked anger exploded: “You don’t have to get in the way You have to do your own thing, go please, do me the courtesy, thank you “. Floriana apparently was upset about Carmen’s nomination and she had a very strong reaction.