Island of the famous, the beloved ex castaway is pregnant: the sweet announcement

Island of the famous, the beloved ex castaway is pregnant: the sweet announcement arrived through social media.

Last June she got married, a few days ago, she announced the wonderful news to everyone: the former shipwrecked of The Island of the Famous is expecting her first baby! It was she who revealed it, through her social channel.

Island of the Famous (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The wonderful model shared some snaps on Instagram in which she proudly showed her baby bump. “My clothes have been tight for a while, but this time it’s not because I ate too much,” she wrote in the caption of the post. A post that was filled with hearts and messages of affection for the future mother. Let’s find out all the details of this beautiful novelty.

The former competitor of the Island of the Famous is pregnant: she will be a mother for the first time

A wonderful news for one of the most popular former contestants of L’Isola dei Famosi. She made herself known and appreciated during the fifteenth edition of the Canale 5 reality show, where she showed great strength and tenacity. Who are we talking about?

Of the splendid Beatrice Marchetti, who during the reality show lived for many weeks completely alone, on Playa Imboscada, coming straight to the final. A unique experience for the model from Brescia who, as she revealed in recent days, is expecting her first baby from her husband Felix Bitzios. The two got together in Greece last June and are now preparing to become parents for the first time. A unique emotion, which Beatrice did not want to immediately share with the public. And the reason she explained it through some stories shared on Instagram after the announcement of her pregnancy.

“All these months in silence, without being able to tell you anything, was not the best. But I assure you that the fears are many, the first months are always there the terror of a miscarriage. Then there were a series of things that pushed me to wait, ”said Beatrice, who revealed that she had almost taken off a burden by being able to finally announce the news to her followers. “I’ve waited too long, it was time to tell you, now you will have to suffer with my belly, ”he added.

A baby bump that Beatrice showed for the first time in some enchanting shots shared on Instagram. Shots that were literally invaded by messages of wishes from fans, friends and colleagues, all super happy for the wonderful news announced by the 26 year old.

famous pregnant island
Beatrice Marchetti (Instagram Credits)

Among the many comments, several well-known faces of TV and former competitors of L’Isola dei Famosi, from Francesca Lodo to Matteo Diamante. We can only join all of them and send our best wishes from the heart to future parents Beatrice and Felix.