Ismea, 24 February, conference on support opportunities for Lombard agri-food companies

Will be held in Milan on February 24th at the Testori Auditorium the first of the meetings organized by Ismea in collaboration with some regions, aimed at raising awareness of the opportunities offered by the Institute, in support of Italian agriculture and agri-food.

The appointment, promoted by the regional councilor for agriculture Fabio Rolfi and by the president of Ismea, professor Angelo Frascarelli, aims to be an opportunity for discussion on the centrality of the agri-food system in a complex moment, on the one hand conditioned by the rising costs of raw materials and energy, on the other in full transition towards environmental sustainability and technological innovation also thanks to the new CAP and the Pnrr. Councilor Rolfi will open the conference, followed by a speech by President Ismea Frascarelli on the theme of the ecological and digital transition and the future of businesses.

Maria Chiara Zaganelli, general manager of Ismea, will present the integrated system of Ismea measures and tools developed to respond effectively to the needs of the sector, from business development, to access to credit, to investment financing. The undisputed protagonist will be the agri-food sector of the Lombardy Regionwith data, state of the art and opportunities, to combine present and future.