Isolde: “Beyond Happiness I imagine finding peace of mind”

The new single Beyond happinessfeaturing Cannella, comes later I like the case, a song that became a hit on the radio. This time Isolde it tells of the need for escape and the search for security which alternate like steep climbs and ruinous descents in the roller coaster of our unpredictable and uncertain existences. The Tuscan artist, one of the most complete and identifying of her generation, has two important albums to her credit, such as Romantic Dark And Tinyas well as having won the Bianca d’Aponte Prize, the critics’ prize at Musiciltura and having arrived, with her debut album, in the prestigious top five of the Tenco Prize.

Isolde let’s start with the choice of Beyond happiness as the single of your autumn: why did you choose it and how does it represent you in this period of your life?

I chose it because it had a late summer flavor with the right melancholy. For me it is a song of search for what is beyond, a search for security and the need for freedom. Wisdom is in balancing and accepting what happens.

The text has very short verses, between Ungaretti’s hermeticism and Fosco Maraini’s nonsense: do you think the future of your music can go in this direction?

I’m looking for size between Romantic Dark And Tiny, basically I’m looking for Isolde. I put a lot of contrasts in my lyrics, this form is more suitable for me as a form of expression.

When you don’t get Radio Maria, which would even reach the center of the earth, do you get anxious?

I can’t travel without her and without Radio Mater, the day is ruined (laughs Isolde, ed). Radio Maria could be the beyond of happiness since it reaches everywhere.

If your heart had a black box would you be afraid of what might be found there?

I’m afraid of what I might find. Others will see what I can resolve about myself.

Compared to the first videos, if I think about Beyond Happinessto e I like the case you show yourself as more of a woman and more sensual: is this physicality also part of a greater human and artistic awareness? In Doralicefor example, it almost seems that clothes also serve as protection.

I’m still looking for a sense of protection but I’m getting to know parts of myself that emerge over the years. Writing music helps me understand myself more. I like the case I had thought of it with a contrast of clothes, with opposite situations and it degenerated (in the video she is naked, ed) and I liked the final result.

Speaking of Doralicethe first sentence you say after taking off the blindfold is “this is my face, appearances can be deceiving”: do you feel ambiguous, in the healthy sense of the term?

A little yes, I thought things about myself that then didn’t turn out in the slightest: this is also part of the search for my dimension.

In the video for Beyond Happyness you change numerous outfits: how much fun did you have and how much did you satisfy your feminine vanity?

I don’t know about the woman’s vanity, I certainly had fun, the part on the boat was tough due to nausea. Cinnamon, who is my featuring in the song, didn’t go downstairs on the boat because she was feeling bad. I was the only one who did that part, I held on to the bulkheads of the boat because she was a pain.

Speaking of looks: is your wardrobe tidy? And which is the most representative garment?
I believe in my disorder, being too tidy corresponds to an internal disorder. I prefer mental order. The most present are the clothes.

“And God plays dice”: is this a quote from Roberto Vecchioni? Is life a game of dice or is life a head and only love is a belly? Although sometimes the opposite would be better.

They pointed out the reference to Vecchioni to me, in reality I had thought of Albert Einstein. On the second part of the question I answer that a bit of both, we need to create harmony.

After Around the World in 80 Days what is the next book you will read naked in a park (it is a moment from the video of Mi Piace il Caso, ndr)?

I hope no one. But just in case My Stupid Intentions by Bernardo Zannoni.

In the end can we say that you have discovered what is beyond happiness and is it reassuring?

I haven’t discovered it, maybe there’s Radio Maria, but I imagine peace of mind. When I get there I’ll stop writing.

What can you tell me about your next artistic weeks?

I will have a live show in Rende in Calabria with Cannella. In the meantime I’ll write and then we’ll see.