Israel, a Fauda sound engineer was killed in Hamas attacks

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Lior Waitzman, a sound editor who worked on the series Feud of Netflix and for Tehran of Apple TV+, was killed in the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel in recent days (THE SPECIAL – UPDATES). The confirmation came from Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix: “Many people are still shocked by this terrible terrorist attack by Hamas”, he said. “Many of us have likely lost friends and family. One of the victims, Lior Waitzman, was working on our original series Bros. We just want to say that our hearts go out to Lior, her family and anyone else who lost someone in Israel last Saturday,” he stressed in Netflix’s first public comment on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Who was Waitzman

The sound engineer had a very long CV: he had worked, among other programs, on the Apple TV+ spy series Tehran. Key figures from the production paid tribute to Waitzman, who recently worked on the drama Bros, by Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon. “Lior was only 32 years old and a really sweet guy,” he told Deadline the co-creator of the series Tehran Daniel Syrkin. “Our colleague has died and we are devastated. It was a normal day and he was out on his bicycle smiling. He was a nice person.”

The condolence

Avi Issacharof, the co-creator of Feudhe told Deadline that the last few days have been “like a bad horror movie”: together with the star of Feud and co-creator Lior Raz, used his background in the Israeli Special Forces to help rescue abandoned families near the border with the Gaza Strip. “I have known Hamas for 30 years thanks to my background in the special forces and as a journalist,” she said. “I speak to their people. At the time of the Second Intifada, between 2000 and 2005, people were killed in suicide bombings, but atrocities like this had never been seen before.” Issacharof added that he felt “disgusted” by the political leaders of both sides of the conflict: “I feel the anger inside me, on the one hand towards Hamas and on the other towards my government which has failed to protect the population. Even after the attack we noted the lack of capacity of the functions of this government”.