Israel against UNRWA: “Leave Gaza after the war”. Italy among states that have suspended funds

The head of the UN agency: “It is shocking to block the funds, countries should reconsider.” Hamas: “UN does not give in to threats and blackmail Israel”. PLO: “From stopping funds to UNRWA there are political and humanitarian risks”

Italy is also among the countries that have blocked funds to UNRWA. The Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, announced it in a post on X. “The Italian Government suspended UNRWA funding after the atrocious attack by Hamas against Israel on 7 October. Allied countries have recently made the same decision. We are committed to humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian population, protecting Israel’s security”, he wrote. The storm that hit the UN agency for Palestinian refugees – which fired 12 of its employees in the Strip for suspected involvement in the October 7 massacre – is spreading more and more. After the USA, other countries – in addition to Italy, also Canada, Great Britain, Finland, Australia and the Netherlands – have decided to freeze their funding to UNRWA.

Israel against UNRWA: ‘Leave Gaza after the war’

For his part Israel will seek to block the UN agency for Palestinian refugees from operating in Gaza after the war, Foreign Minister Israel Katz said Saturday. “For years we have been sounding the alarm: UNRWA perpetuates the refugee issue, hinders peace, acts as the civilian arm of Hamas in Gaza”, is the accusation launched on X by Katz, upon the announcement of the US State Department that , with “extreme concern for the accusations, announced the “temporary suspension in the disbursement of further funds”. “UNRWA must pay for its actions – reads Katz’s post – UNRWA is not the solution, many of its employees are Hamas affiliates with bloody ideologies, contribute to terrorist activities and preserve its authority.” “Under my leadership – he added – the Israeli Foreign Ministry wants to promote a policy that guarantees that UNRWA will not be part of the ‘day after'”. “We will work to have bipartisan support for this policy in the US, the EU and other countries – he added – to stop UNRWA activities in Gaza”. “The link between UNWRA and Hamas is undeniable”, when Gaza is reconstructed it will be necessary to replace it with other agencies “dedicated to true peace and development”, Katz further stated. “We’ve been saying it for years, UNWRA perpetuates the refugee issue, hinders peace and serves as the civilian arm of Hamas,” Katz wrote in an earlier tweet.

UNWRA Chief: “Shocking to block funds, countries should reconsider”

The head of UNWRA, Philippe Lazzarini, called the suspension of funds to the agency for Palestinian refugees, decided by several countries, including the United States and Italy, “shocking” and called for the measure to be reconsidered as it endangers ” ongoing humanitarian aid” to Gaza. “It is shocking to see the suspension of funding to the agency in reaction to the allegations against a small part of the staff, especially after UNWRA terminated their contracts and called for a transparent and independent investigation,” Lazzarini said, quoted by the media. Israelis. “UNWRA is the primary humanitarian agency in Gaza, two million people depend on it for survival… it would be irresponsible to sanction an agency and the entire community for accusations against certain individuals,” Lazzarini added. The suspension of funds was decided by several countries after evidence emerged of the participation of a dozen UNWRA employees in the October 7 massacre.

Hamas: “UN do not give in to threats and blackmail Israel”

Hamas has accused Israel of making “threats” against UNRWA, following the opening of an internal investigation into the Jewish state’s allegations of the suspected involvement of several members of the organization’s staff in the October 7 attacks. “We ask the UN and international organizations not to give in to threats and blackmail” from Israel, Hamas said in a post on Telegram, according to Israeli media reports.

PLO: “From stopping funds to UNRWA there are political and humanitarian risks”

The decision of some countries to suspend funding to UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, entails “great political and relief risks”, declared the secretary general of the Organization for Liberation of Palestine (PLO), Hussein al-Sheikh. “We call on countries that have announced the cessation of their support to UNRWA to immediately reverse their decision,” he said, adding that this “carries great risks of political and humanitarian relief at this particular time.” “We need maximum support for this international organization and not to stop supporting it,” al-Sheikh said.