Israel, an army helicopter shot at young people at the rave

The helicopter wanted to hit Hamas militants

An Israeli helicopter opened fire on young people fleeing from Hamas at a rave on October 7th. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that Hamas fighters did not know that a rave with thousands of participants was underway when it launched its attack, probably noticing it from above via drones or during paragliding raids whose initial objective was to reach Kibbutz Reim and other kibbutzim.

An Israeli police investigation found that a military helicopter opened fire on the attackers, hitting some of the music festival attendees. “An investigation into the incident revealed that an Israeli army helicopter gunship, which arrived at the scene from the Ramat David base, fired at the terrorists and apparently also hit some of the partygoers,” he said. a police official told Haaretz on condition of anonymity.

Approximately 364 people were killed during the music festival. About 4,400 people attended the rave, but organizers quickly canceled the event after Hamas began firing rockets, and the vast majority managed to flee.