Israel, around 20 Italians among the reservists called up against Hamas

300 thousand reservists mobilized from the country after the attack

Among the approximately 300 thousand reservists mobilized by Israel in response to the Hamas attack, according to what Adnkronos learns there are also around twenty Italians who have dual citizenship and who have therefore been recalled.

“The war against Gaza will be tough – comments Eyal Mizrahi, president of the Friends of Israel (ADI) association -, but the entire Israeli army will not be needed to enter. The problem is more towards the North with Hezbollah: there ‘It’s a risk and that’s why forces are being mobilized in that direction.” As for the reservists recalled from abroad, for those who want to return now “the problem is linked to the flights – he observes – There are not many of them and many companies have canceled departures”.

Italians in Israel, how many are there: the numbers

“In Israel there are 18 thousand Italians, 1,000 are in the Israeli army, they are doing military service. For now we have no news of Italian victims of the attacks, we continue to monitor the situation carefully”, explained Foreign Minister Antonio yesterday Tajani, who spoke on In Mezz’ora on Rai 3. “Our embassy in Tel Aviv is following all our citizens who are in Israel, including departing flights. There are two companies flying to Italy at the moment, some of our compatriots have already left, others are still there”, adds Tajani. On Tg1, the minister then explained that “there are Italian citizens with Israeli passports who are military and who are more difficult to reach”. The Farnesina “is following the situation” and “also through our crisis unit we provide responses 24 hours a day”.