Israel, Asher hugs his wife and daughters again after 40 days: “We will rise from the trauma”

The man’s story: “Happy to have my family back but I won’t celebrate until the last kidnapped has returned home”

“Doron, Raz and Aviv came home to me from captivity.” And “I am determined to resurrect my family from the trauma and terrible loss we have gone through, for the future of my girls and for that of Doron.” These are the first words of Yoni Asher who yesterday, after 40 days, was able to embrace his wife, 34 years old and German citizen, and his five and two year old daughters, kidnapped last October 7th by Hamas while they were in the kibbutz of Ni- Oz to visit grandma. The old woman was killed by Hamas militiamen on the very day of the assault and kidnapping.

“There are still complex days ahead of me,” said Asher, who had gone to the European Parliament to appeal for the release of his family and all the hostages in the Gaza Strip. “I have to thanks and recognition to our children who are sacrificing their lives, the IDF, the Israeli government and the war cabinet who are engaged in this work. Thank you to the wonderful people of Israel for the reinforcements. A big thank you to the families of the kidnapped people who are working for everyone’s return”, added Asher.

“I will not celebrate until the last of the kidnapped returns”

In a video message Asher, who saw the kidnapping of his wife and daughters on TikTok, says he is “happy to have my family back, it is allowed to be happy and it is allowed to shed a tear. It’s a human thing.” But the man, who lives with his family in central Israel, explains that today “I’m not celebrating, I won’t celebrate until the last of the kidnapped returns. I want to emphasize that our children, our fathers, our mothers, our sisters are in captivity right now, there are people whose hearts are broken right now and I want to make sure that every kidnapped person returns home.”

Asher concluded by stating that “the families of the kidnapped are not posters, they are not slogans, they are real people, and the families of the kidnapped are from today my new familyand I will make sure and do everything to ensure that the last of the kidnapped returns home.”