Israel, attack in Tel Aviv, an Italian tourist dies. Tajani: Islamic terrorism

Fear in Tel Aviv where a vehicle crashed into the crowd on the seafront on the evening of 7 April. An Italian tourist died in the attack. “The Israeli authorities confirm the death of the Italian citizen Alessandro Parini and report the possible injury of other compatriots in the cowardly attack. I express my firm condemnation of terrorism and my closeness to the families. The Farnesina is at work”, writes the Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani on Twitter, who then adds: “It is about terrorism of Islamic origin. Two Italians injured in a minor way”. At least five other tourists were in fact injured: three discreetly and two more lightly, according to what has been learned. The perpetrator of the attack was neutralized as he was attempting to open fire after running into the crowd. According to local media, the bomber would be an Israeli Arab. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni expressed “deep condolences” for our compatriot killed and closeness to Israel.

Netanyahu orders wide recall of reservists

Upon learning of the bombing, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu ordered the recall of all available reserve forces of the Border Guard. He also ordered the Chief of Staff, General Herzi Halevi, to call up army reservists as well. Air Force reservists had also been called up earlier.

Islamic Jihad: “Natural response to occupation”

Islamic Jihad meanwhile said in a statement that the attack is a “natural and legitimate response to the occupation’s crimes against the Palestinian people”, as reported Haaretz. While Hamas, through its spokesman Abdel Latif Qanua, affirmed that it was a “high-level operation in the heart of the Zionist entity, in Tel Aviv”.

Tensions in the Middle East

These are hours of tension in the Middle East, aggravated today by a new Palestinian attack in the West Bank, with the killing of two young sisters (21 and 16 years old) and the serious wounding of their mother (48 years old). Even in Jerusalem, on the Esplanade of the Mosques, the situation is tense. After the rain of rockets fired from Gaza (one of the 44 fell on a house without causing casualties) and from Palestinian factions linked to Hamas from the south of the Country of the Cedars, Israel responded overnight by hitting three sites in Lebanon and over 10 in the Strip, including two tunnels and various Armed Faction emplacements. Instead, the Lebanese army announced that it had dismantled a launch pad in an agricultural field in the south.