Israel, attack on Amman embassy. Tensions in Egypt and Morocco

Dispersed by security forces, protest outside the US embassy in Beirut. Arson attack on synagogue in Berlin

Embassies targeted in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Thousands of people gathered across the Arab world today 18 October to protest against the deaths of hundreds of people in an attack on a hospital in Gaza, which they blame Israel for, despite its denials.

Jordanian security forces faced a crowd of thousands of protesters who were attempting to storm the Israeli embassy in Amman. The Israeli media reported this, recalling that the staff had already been evacuated in recent days. Already last night the protesters had attempted an assault.

Dispersed by security forces, protest outside the US embassy in Beirut

A pro-Palestinian protest demonstration of several hundred people in front of the American embassy in Beirut was dispersed by security forces who intervened with tear gas. Several Palestinian and Iranian flags were flying among the demonstrators, according to the images released by the Mayadeen News broadcaster, close to Hezbollah.

Israeli embassy staff evacuated in Egypt and Morocco

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has instead decided to evacuate the staff of its embassies in Egypt and Morocco due to the demonstrations over the situation in Gaza”, according to Yedioth Ahronoth.

Arson attack on synagogue in Berlin

Also in the last few hours, an arson attack took place against a synagogue in Berlin: the Kahal Adass Jisroel community reported the news on X, explaining that the target of the attack was the synagogue in the Berlin-Mitte district. “This night an arson attempt was carried out against our community Kahal Adass Yisroel. Unknown persons threw two Molotov cocktails from the street in the direction of our community center in Brunnenstrasse in Berlin-Mitte”, we read on a synagogue, a kindergarten and a community center.