Israel, Blinken in Tel Aviv today: he will ask for a humanitarian pause

The US Secretary of State aims to convince Netanyahu’s government to allow short windows without attacks to allow the release of hostages and the distribution of aid

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will be in Israel today, November 3. A visit that aims to put pressure on the Israeli government to approve one humanitarian pause to alleviate the suffering of the population of the Gaza Strip and allow the hostages to be released. The New York Times anticipates this, citing White House officials, according to whom Blinken will not discuss a ”ceasefire”, but a series ofthe short windows without attacks to allow the release of hostages and the distribution of aid.

“Yes to breaks but no to respite”

Meanwhile, through its ambassador Alon Bar, Israel makes it known that “we are not against humanitarian ‘pauses’allowing the evacuation of dual nationals, injured people and children and the entry of humanitarian aid. The truce, however, would allow Hamas to reorganize and it would be counterproductive, bringing death to Israelis and Palestinians. We must do everything necessary to prevent them from doing so.”

“We only have bad options in front of us – added the ambassador – we are not faced with simple choices, no one could tolerate a new attack in a few months, we must protect the hostages and civilians, as well as the humanitarian situation. We must not forget our need that a new attack like the one on October 7 does not occur. The violence is ongoing and we do not believe that with a ceasefire it will not happen again. Hamas’s ability to strike Israel must be eliminated and there is no other way than what we are pursuing now.”

Tajani: “In favor of a humanitarian truce”

Italy with Foreign Minister Tajani is pushing for a humanitarian truce. “We have said it in all the meetings: we are in favor of a humanitarian truce”, says the head of the Farnesina. “We are in favor – added Tajani – so that there can be pauses in the fighting in order to help the Palestinian civilian population who have nothing to do with this war”.