Israel, children killed: accusations and denials in news and photos, what we know

Jerusalem Post: “Verified photos confirm the massacre”

Accusations and denials regarding the news of children beheaded by Hamas militants in the Kfar Aza kibbutz during the attack on Israel. The information was initially released by an Israeli TV station, which reported dozens of children killed, with some – including newborns – beheaded. The information has not been confirmed in detail by the Israeli military. A senior officer who spoke at the scene referred to “scenes never seen before” without providing further details. In the same hours, Hamas denied the news attributing the acts to the militiamen.

The Jerusalem Post writes that it can “confirm, based on verified photos of the bodies, that reports of children burned and beheaded in the Hamas assault on Kfar Aza are correct.” And in the same hours, the Israeli prime minister’s profile

Israel’s position

An Israeli official told CNN that in the kibbutz of the rural community near the border with Gaza “there have been cases of Hamas militants carrying out beheadings and other ISIS-style atrocities. However, we cannot confirm whether the victims were men.” or women, soldiers or civilians, adults or children.” Yesterday, an army spokesperson contacted by the Turkish news agency Anadolu said that he had seen the news broadcast by the Israeli broadcaster I24 news, but that he “had no details or confirmation on the matter”.

Hamas’s denial

Hamas also denied the news. “We categorically affirm the falsity of the accusations promoted by some Western media, which unprofessionally adopt the Zionist narrative full of lies and slander towards the Palestinian people and their resistance, including the claim that children were killed, some beheaded, that civilians are targeted,” says a statement from the al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.