Israel, Della Pergola: “As in Italy, for Netanyahu more seats than popular vote”

Notable victory for ‘Bibi “, the left presented itself separated and caused its own disaster, notes the Israeli demographer of Italian origin

“It is an electoral result that is somewhat reminiscent of the one in Italy, in which the center-right coalition won a parliamentary majority of seats that is higher than the majority of the popular vote”. To say this today at Adnkronos is the Israeli demographer of Italian origin Sergio Della Pergola, who underlines the “remarkable victory” of Benyamin Netanyahu. And he points out the “sensational” exclusion from the Knesset of the historic leftist party Meretz, which did not exceed the 3.25% threshold.

“The left has fully insisted on presenting themselves separately, Labor and Meretz, and has caused its own disaster. These are errors that are paid for”, comments Della Pergola, after Labor won 4 seats, risking also to be excluded from parliament.

Netanyahu was able to carry out an effective electoral campaign, the electoral result gives him “the indisputable possibility of forming a government”, and was achieved with a high electoral turnout, notes the demographer. Another “sensational fact is the success of the far-right religious nationalists of Religious Zionism, which has become the third party, which can be partially explained by the resurgence of Palestinian terrorism in recent months, which distances the Israeli public from dialogue”.

concern for judicial reform

“Undoubtedly Israel remains divided”, Della Pergola remarks, recalling that Netanyahu defines his “an integral right-wing government and this means that the rest is excluded”. The demographer notes “the very interventionist tone” of Netanyahu’s far-right allies who “will be able to influence the Netanyanu government from within and impose certain choices that go even further than he would have thought he could do”. And this involves “various risks, especially on the international level”, in relations with the United States of Joe Biden and other countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, the future Netanyahu government has in mind a reform of the judiciary, a fact of “great importance and of great concern”, “to significantly reduce the powers of the Supreme Court” and “subordinate it to the will of the government”, reducing autonomy of the courts which until now has been “one of the fundamental characteristics of Israeli democracy”, emphasizes Della Pergola.