Israel, Di Segni: “Frightened of retaliation in Italy”

The president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities: “Evil for Israel is evil for Italy and for Europe”

“As the hours pass, the horror becomes more and more evident: over 600 people have been murdered, over two thousand injured, terrifying numbers and probably destined to rise.” Thus at Adnkronos Noemi Di Segni, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, commenting on the attacks conducted by Hamas against Israel. “The pain is immense, obviously here, in the communities, any of us have friends or family who are in Israel, there is a visceral and millenary connection with our land and it hurts terribly, even more so now that the names of the victims and prisoners, men and women who were used as shields, human trophies. It’s horrible.”

Among the fears, Di Segni explains, there is also that of possible retaliation. “We fear retaliation here in Italy, in all the Jewish communities, the official announcement from Hamas was to ‘wage a war of death against Israel’ and continue abroad too, all Jews are potential targets. Furthermore, I cannot hide the concern that Israel’s legitimacy to defend itself is not understood and shared. Israel has every right to defend itself and guarantee a life of serenity and carefreeness to its citizens. This is an objective that must absolutely be supported by everyone in Italy and, of course, in any other part of the world and on any table where resolutions are taken.”

“Evil for Israel is evil for Italy and for Europe, this must be clear – concludes di Segni -. I know that there are several countries that refuse to adopt a resolution in favor of Israel, condemning what is happening, this is not the case in Italy but unfortunately it is the case in other states. It is clear that it is not clear to everyone who we are dealing with: we are in a war situation and we must defend ourselves.”