Israel, Erdogan warns Netanyahu: “You’re doomed, your end is near”

The Turkish president remarks: “Israel was a terrorist, Hamas protects its homeland”. And he announces: “We will bring those who massacre the inhabitants of Gaza to international courts”

‘You’re done for, your end is near”. Thus Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remotely. Speaking at an AKP meeting at the Parliament in Ankara, Erdogan said that Netanyahu is ”threatening with the atomic bomb, the nuclear bomb. But no matter what you have, you’re done for,” Erdogan said

According to the Turkish president ”Israel is a terrorist state that commits war crimes”, while ”Hamas is protecting its homeland” and is ”a political party that won the elections”, therefore legitimate. “Hamas is made up of resistance fighters fighting to protect their homeland and their livesregardless of the inconvenience this might cause,” Erdogan said, according to Anadolu news agency.

The Turkish president then accused Israel of violating international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip. ”Our country is using all diplomatic means to try to stop Israel’s atrocities,” added Erdogan who also announced that ”Turkey will take measures to ensure that the political and military leaders who ruthlessly massacre inhabitants of Gaza be tried in international courts”.

Erdogan finally announced that ”I will speak with the leaders of those countries who abstained from voting at the UN in favor of a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip”. The reference is to the resolution approved last October 28 at the UN with 120 votes, but which saw 14 against, including Israel and the United States, and 45 abstentions, including Italy.