Israel-Hamas, 40 Israeli hostages and 117 Palestinian prisoners released to date

Negotiations continue to extend the truce for another four days

The agreement between Hamas and Israel provides the release of at least 50 women and minors, held hostage in Gaza in exchange for the release of at least 150 Palestinian women and minors held in the prisons of the Jewish state. As the moment of truth approaches for the fourth prisoner exchange between the parties and negotiations continue to extend the truce for up to another four days, here is the state of the art, as reported by CNN.

So far they have been freed 40 Israeli hostages: 1pm Friday, 1pm Saturday and 2pm Sunday. Some have dual nationalities, like Abigail Edan, the 4-year-old girl with an Israeli and American passport. Among them are 21 minors under 18, 11 adult women and 7 women over 65. Russian-Israeli Roni Krivoy, who was not part of the agreement between Hamas and Israel, was also released on Sunday.

I am 18 foreign hostages freed by Hamas, including 17 Thais and one Filipino. Even in these cases, their release was the result of separate negotiations that go beyond the agreement between the Palestinian group and the Jewish State.

As regards, however, the Palestinian prisoners released by Israel, we are talking about 117 women and minors: 39 Friday, 39 Saturday and 39 Sunday. Among these there are 28 adult women, 2 girls and 87 male minors. Among all Palestinians, 41 had been tried and 76 were in administrative detention.