Israel-Hamas, black smoke and continuous war. Netanyahu: “Full speed ahead”

No agreement in the negotiations, the Israeli prime minister continues

No agreement between Israel and Hamas, the war continues. The negative signals on the ceasefire negotiations in Gaza are confirmed and amplified by the words of Benjamin Netanyahu. After the meeting with the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, the Israeli Prime Minister continues straight ahead: the military operation continues, the objective is the destruction of Hamas, which continues to remain an enemy and not an interlocutor. “We want the complete demilitarization of Gaza, we will continue to operate in Gaza for as long as necessary, so that terrorists never raise their heads again. Hamas will not survive in Gaza. Only the final victory will allow us to bring security to the north and the southern Israel,” says the prime minister. Any surrender, he states, would be a sign of weakness that could prove fatal: “If we surrender to Hamas’ conditions we could end up with another massacre. Israel will continue its military operations in Gaza, the day after the war there will be no more Hamas”, he repeats.

Netanyahu continues to promise “a landslide victory. We are on the path to complete victory. Victory is within reach”, he says, highlighting that achieving the goal is “a matter of months” and not years. This strategy obviously hinders any immediate agreement for the release of the hostages which, according to the prime minister, remains a priority: the release can be achieved by further increasing military pressure and not by dialogue with those calling for a ceasefire, the release of Palestinian prisoners and the Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza. These are conditions that, for the Israeli prime minister, are not acceptable.

Hamas, diplomacy and Blinken’s mission

For Hamas, Netanyahu only wants to “continue the conflict”. The prime minister’s words are “a form of political arrogance” and demonstrate his “intention to continue the conflict in the region”, says a member of the organisation, Sami Abu Zuhri, in statements relaunched by Sky News. Hamas “is ready to face all options” but does not abandon the increasingly narrow diplomatic path. A delegation of the movement, led by the exponent of the political office of the group Khalil al-Hayya, will go to Cairo in the next few hours for talks with the mediators of Egypt and Qatar.

In an increasingly complex picture, Blinken’s mission aims to keep a channel of dialogue open. I am here “first of all to consult with our partners to bring home all the remaining hostages”, says the number 1 of American diplomacy, aware of the difficulties and obstacles. According to Blinken, there are clearly some inadmissible points in the position taken by Hamas but Washington continues to think that “there is room to reach an agreement. And we will work tirelessly on this”.