Israel Hamas, Etgar Keret at Live in Genoa: “There is extremism, we need a human perspective”

Etgar Keret defines himself as a peace activist and is an Israeli writer and director: his speech at Live In Genova is live from Tel Aviv. “When something like this happens it has multiple effects,” Keret began. “Everyone who lives there has changed their perspective since that day. There is extremism on both sides and those who find themselves in a position that acts as a bridge between Israelis and Palestinians are the peace activists who try to find mediation.” (LIVE IN GENOA – LIVE UPDATES)

“Bombings on civilians unacceptable”

The attempt to end hostilities is complex. It is also difficult for society to “understand what to do and what not to do. People cannot be expected to be massacred and kidnapped without a reaction from Israel. Justice is sought and attempts are made to show terrorist groups that they cannot fail to react. But – added Keret – there are bombings on civilians who end up without even having access to food and water and this is unacceptable. People cannot attach themselves to just one ideology: I believe that the only way is to try to look at it from a human perspective, understanding that there are unacceptable things on both sides.”

“We need a human perspective”

“The only way to deal with this situation is to approach it from a human perspective, not from one of the two parties to the conflict.” Etgar Keret has acquaintances in both Israel and Palestine: “I have been in contact with some Palestinian acquaintances and there have been words of comfort for what happened to my compatriots on 7 October. After that attack, however, things changed, it’s strange to be able to maintain relationships when you know what’s happening. Now the relationships are strange. You have a feeling of guilt when you talk to us.”