Israel, Hamas infiltration by sea foiled: “It was the most important since 7 October”

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The naval forces of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have identified and foiled an attempted infiltration by sea by a Hamas terrorist cell. The Tel Aviv army itself reported this in a note on Telegram. According to local sources, the group of raiders was made up of a dozen “frog-men”: four were killed, the others are still wanted (THE NEWS LIVE – THE SPECIAL).

The alarm is gone

According to the Israeli media, this (attempted) infiltration by Hamas terrorists was “the most important since the October 7 massacres in the border kibbutzim”. However, army sources explain, “at the moment there is no immediate risk of further infiltrations”.

What happened

“The IDF naval forces identified a Hamas terrorist cell emerging from a tunnel on the coast of the Gaza Strip and attempting to infiltrate Israeli territory by sea, near Zikim”, the Tel Aviv army said. “The Israeli navy, IAF (Air Force) and ground soldiers struck the terrorists and foiled their infiltration attempt,” the military added. “IDF fighter planes and navy soldiers hit the tunnel and weapons warehouse used by terrorists in the Gaza Strip,” they concluded.