Israel-Hamas, Iranian ambassador in Rome: “We do not want an escalation of the war”

“Whoever thinks that the problem will be solved with Gaza without Hamas is wrong”

Iran “does not give orders to Hezbollah” and does not want an escalation of the war in the Middle East, has worked “from the beginning” to reduce tensions and believes that “stopping the Israeli war machine” is fundamental to resolving this crisis . Always with the aim of “affirming the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation” and “establishing an independent Palestinian state”. This is what the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Rome, Mohammad Reza Sabouri, declared in an interview with Adnkronos, explaining Tehran’s position on the conflict, following the end of the truce and the resumption of fighting which, word of Hamas, have already caused 240 deaths among the Palestinians of the Strip.

“From our point of view, Hamas is a legitimate national liberation organization according to international law. No one can ignore the reality of Hamas, which is also a thought and an idea against compromise and against the violation of the rights of the Palestinian people. The idea and faith of Hamas run in the blood of the Palestinian nation. Those who think that the problem will be resolved with Gaza without Hamas are greatly mistaken”, indicates the ambassador, who highlights the “serious initiatives” and the “immediate measures” adopted by Iran to “prevent escalation” of the conflict, citing “in-depth negotiations a

level of Foreign Minister and President of the Republic in the form of trips, telephone contacts and messages to various regional and international interlocutors and above all alignment with friendly countries”. According to the diplomat, “there is the belief that the only solution to this crisis is to affirm the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation and stop the war machine of the Zionist regime.”

Sabouri rejects the accusation, made by the governments of Tel Aviv and Washington, that the Islamic Republic is behind the attacks by Houthi militias against the Jewish state and by Shiite armed groups in Iraq and Syria against US targets. “Netanyahu uses the old trick of projection to hide his failure against the attacks of the Palestinian resistance, to distract the minds of the Israelis from this shameful failure and to be able to benefit more from the military help of his allies, citing Iran and its allies as a pretext. friends of Iran”, explains the ambassador, according to whom “the behavior of the resistance groups is the natural reaction to the occupation, war crimes and genocide that Netanyahu perpetrates in the occupied Palestinian territories and in Gaza”.

The diplomat clarifies that Tehran does not give orders to these armed groups, who “do not consult us” and “adopt their own decisions autonomously”. Even Hezbollah, continues Sabouri, which is a “friend” of Iran and with which “we have very close relations”, “does not take orders” from Tehran, which “does not know the evaluations behind its policies. But our strong conviction is that Hezbollah is a national political and military organization in Lebanon, created to defend the land of Lebanon from the invasion of the Zionist regime and which adopts and implements the solutions it deems necessary based on the fundamental demands of its policies.”

On the possible role Iran had in the negotiations on the ceasefire and the release of the hostages, the ambassador underlines that the Islamic Republic, while “welcoming” the establishment of a humanitarian truce in Gaza as a first step to “stop the war crimes of the Zionist regime”, considers this evolution the result of tens of days of “uninterrupted resistance of the Palestinian people and fighters. As our Foreign Minister underlined, negotiations are underway to establish a permanent ceasefire with the release of all Palestinian prisoners and from the beginning, Iran has pursued the release of hostages, particularly Palestinian hostages held by the Israeli regime.”

“Unfortunately the Zionist regime has found the courage to commit any type of crime with the global support of Western countries and continues to do so”, adds Sabouri, underlining that Iran believes that the only way to have stability and peace in the region is light of the Palestinian crisis is to hold a referendum among all Palestinians living inside and outside Palestine and establish “an independent Palestinian state in those lands”. Solutions other than this “cannot work because they would ignore the rights of the Palestinian people whose land has been invaded and occupied”, she concludes.