Israel-Hamas, USA send another 900 soldiers: “Whoever attacks will be hit”

In the last week, US bases had been attacked 12 times in Iraq and four in Syria

The Pentagon will send another 900 American soldiers to the Middle East to strengthen the military already present in the area, increase air defenses and safeguard US personnel at a time of very high tension due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, with the concrete prospect of an Israeli attack in Gaza Strip. This was stated by the Pentagon press secretary, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, specifying that they are mainly soldiers specialized in air and missile defense.

The United States will respond ”at a time and in a manner we choose” to the recent wave of attacks against American troops stationed in the Middle East, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said. The United States believes that the attacks on US bases in the region were carried out by pro-Iranian militias. The Pentagon had specified that in the last week alone, US bases had been attacked 12 times in Iraq and four in Syria. The Pentagon explained that in the last 24 hours an attack against the US military base in Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, was foiled.

Meanwhile, the White House has made it known that it will support ”humanitarian pauses” in the war between Israel and Hamas over Gaza. According to Kirby, these are ”localised, temporary and specific battlefield pauses so that humanitarian assistance reaches the population in need or so that people can leave the area in relative safety”.

Kirby stressed that ”we think it’s an idea worth exploring” and that the breaks could last ”hours” or ”days”. Kirby explained that he is not referring to the ”ceasefire” called for by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and several governments.