Israel-Hamas war, IDF: “Dozens of terrorists killed in the night”

The entrances to several tunnels were discovered where weapons were seized and three Hamas positions were destroyed

Israeli army forces say they have “dozens of terrorists” killed in the night during “numerous attempted attacks on our troops from tunnels and military compounds in the northern Gaza Strip”. The statement states that the entrances to several tunnels where weapons were seized were discovered. Furthermore they were “three Hamas observation posts” destroyed in northern Gaza, where several Hamas militants were killed. In the south, Israeli forces conducted a targeted air raid to “neutralize explosive devices”.

USA: “New phase of the war, we insist on humanitarian pauses”

The United States expects a new phase of Israel’s war on Hamas with a decrease in the next few days of the air raid campaign and a greater focus on tactical ground operations. This is what US sources explain to CNN, stating that the Biden administration believes that we will see a campaign of air strikes “decreased compared to what we have seen”, and a “greater tactical focus on the land campaign” aimed at destroying the vast network of underground tunnels through which Hamas operates.

In the aftermath of Antony Blinken’s new visit to Israel, US sources explain that the administration is “very direct about war decisions and deliberate in asking difficult questions” in talks with Israel. But asked whether Washington believes the time has come to support cease-fire calls, the administration official said that given the scale and nature of the October 7 attacks on Israel, a cease-fire would not be appropriate. .

“A terrorist group has taken 200 hostages and killed 1,400 people and is hiding in the tunnels, with its leaders, ceasefire is not really the term to use,” he told CNN, reiterating that the US continues to ask Israel to activate the so-called “humanitarian pauses” and underlining that Israel, while having the right to defend itself, must respect international law. “The ceasefire will depend on when Israel feels confident that it has guaranteed that something can no longer happen” like on October 7, the US source concluded.