Israel-Hamas war, institutional appointments confirmed on 4 November

A series of side events have been cancelled. Crosetto: “It is not right to increase the risk factor”

November 4thNational Unity Day and Armed Forces Day, “there will be no change regarding the scheduled institutional appointmentsthe. In view of the complex international situation and the serious crisis in the Middle East they will presumably be however, a series of collateral events were cancelled that the Ministry of Defense was organizing to celebrate the important significance of this date”. The Ministry of Defense announced this in a note.

The ministry “felt it necessary to take a step back by deciding to eliminate the scheduled evening at the theater already in recent days because it was no longer considered appropriate in light of recent events. It will be evaluatedinstead, on the basis of the evolution of the international situation and after a comparison and an accurate evaluation with the Ministry of the Interior and with the intelligence sector, the event planned at the Circus Maximus in Rome. These initiatives were prepared this year also following the Senate’s green light to the bill on the restoration of the national holiday of 4 November”.


I’m thinking of canceling Armed Forces Day on November 4th” in light of the events in the Middle East, the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, said at the Foglio party in Florence, explaining that “it is not right to increase the risk factor”.

“The solution is to try to avoid there being an escalation. Even war has different ways of being waged: one can think that two nations are clashing, that there is a just reaction like that of Israel, but it is necessary to preserve criteria of humanity (women, children, hospitals). We are trying to bring reasoning to places and moments in which it is difficult to do so. It is not just us who are doing it, but the United States, it applies to all the actors in the field”, he then stated.

Today the Carabinieri contingent returns from Jericho

The Carabinieri from the training mission stationed in Jericho will return to Italy this evening. “With great regret but with equal scruple, I have ordered the immediate return of the Carabinieri employed in the Miadit Mission in Palestine due to the deterioration of the situation on the ground. A situation which has undermined the security conditions for the continuation of the mission itself” , Crosetto explained in a note. “The government has decided to suspend the mission but we are ready to restart as soon as the conditions are right” added the minister, underlining the continuous attention to the safety of all the Italian soldiers employed in the area on multiple UN missions.

The Carabinieri, who are part of the Italian training mission in Palestine (Miadit) and who will return to Italy in the evening, were engaged in training members of the Palestinian Security Forces (PSF), security forces of the Ministry of the Interior of Palestine, at the Jericho training center. Among the tasks of the mission, the Ministry of Defense recalls, there was the teaching of police techniques, the management of public order, investigative techniques, the protection of cultural heritage and the contribution to the creation of conditions for the stabilization of territories Palestinians.

Miadit was born in 2012 on the sidelines of the coordination table for the development of bilateral relations between Italy and the “Palestinian Authority”, during which the Palestinian Interior Minister asked for the support of the Carabinieri to train the Palestinian security forces . The request was positively accepted by the national political authority, which authorized the launch of a training mission of the Palestinian security forces in Jericho, by a Training Unit of the Carabinieri, in two annual cycles of 12 weeks each.