Israel-Hamas war, Netanyahu: “Ours will be the victory of good over evil”

“If Israel does not win this war, evil will spread. This is why ours will be the victory of good over evil. We have the support of the entire international community.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this in a press conference together with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and the leader of National Unity, Benny Gantz. It is the first time Netanyahu has responded to journalists since the October 7 attacks, after addressing the nation three times. “Our soldiers are fighting and are inside the Gaza Strip. Hamas is a cruel enemy”, added Netanyahu (ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR: ALL UPDATES – THE SPECIAL).

Netanyahu: “The war inside Gaza will be hard and long”

“It is the moment of truth: to win or to cease to exist – said Netanyahu – The war inside Gaza will be hard and long, it will be our second war of independence. We want to give back to the murderers what they did”. Then he added: the “supreme” aim of our operation is “to completely eliminate the enemy” and to “guarantee our existence as a State”. “We entered Gaza in a thoughtful manner out of concern for the fate of our soldiers” – continued the prime minister – We entered the outpost of evil: our objective is to demolish Hamas and bring back the hostages”.

Gallant: “Committed not to involve civilians”

“On the civilian front we are working hard not to involve them in head-on clashes,” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said later. “It’s a clash we’ve never experienced before. Our utmost commitment is to bring all the hostages home. We find ourselves faced with a cruel, ruthless organization that has shown the whole world the horror it committed on October 7th.”