Israel-Hamas war, Tajani: “Another 500 repatriations in the next few days”

“We remain convinced that the only path to peace is a two-state solution”

“The toll of Hamas’ ferocious aggression” against Israel “is very heavy and destined to worsen”. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said this in the government’s communications to the Chamber, hoping for “a unified message from Parliament” of “unambiguous condemnation of Hamas’ irresponsible action” against Israel.

“For this crazy spiral of violence it is clear that there is one and only one person responsible: Hamas: the terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack and launched an appeal for mobilization against Israel”, said Tajani.

It is necessary to bring “the peace process back to the center of international attention. Italy’s position is very clear: we remain convinced that the only path to peace is a two-state solution fair and sustainable and negotiated directly by the parties”, declared the head of the Farnesina.

The situation of the Italians

Tajani explained that in the Gaza Strip there are “ten Italians, including a one-year-old girl”. And “we believe that there are around a thousand compatriots” in Israel in addition to the 18 thousand residents. “We are working to repatriate them all, 200 left this morning with two military flights organized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, 180 should leave this afternoon with a flight from the private company Neos, which should land in Verona. In the next few days we should repatriate another 500 Italians with two military flights and two Neos flights,” Tajani said.

Role of Iran

“The role of Iran is of great concern. The authorities in Tehran have expressed solidarity and support for the actions of Hamas. At the moment it is mostly political support. But the celebrations in the Tehran Parliament are certainly not a good signal”, underlined the Foreign Minister.

As for Egypt, “it is a crucial interlocutor and can play today, as it has done in the past, a fundamental role as an intermediary with Hamas in crisis situations also to facilitate negotiations on hostages”, Tajani said.