Israel-Hamas war, the arrival in Pratica di Mare of planes with 200 Italians on board

The two Italian Boeing Kc767 military planes are arriving at Pratica di Mare airport with around 200 compatriots returning from Israel on board. The first flight, which had already landed, took off from Pratica di Mare yesterday evening around 11pm, while the second was in Kuwait and, after a stopover in Cyprus, reached Ben Gurion airport. Arrivals are expected between 7 and 9.30 am. (HAMAS-ISRAEL WAR, ALL UPDATES – THE SPECIAL). Everything was arranged and coordinated by the Joint Defense Summit Operational Command. Two more military flights are scheduled today to allow Italians still present in Israel to return to their homeland. This was announced by the Farnesina Crisis Unit, in coordination with the embassy in Tel Aviv and the Consulate General in Jerusalem, also present with a specially organized desk at Ben Gurion airport, and fully operational.

Tajani: “Return on board two military planes”

“About 200 Italians are returning from Israel on two military planes,” Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said on X. “The flights activated at the request of the Farnesina and coordinated with the Defense will arrive in Pratica di Mare”. Tajani said he was “proud of the teamwork that involved the Italian embassy. Meanwhile, yesterday, the arrivals at Malpensa and Fiumicino continued in dribs and drabs: the stories of the Italians returning home are of panic and tension, marked by the desperate search for flights. Several airlines had temporarily canceled connections to the country and, with Ben Gurion airport remaining open, in recent hours they have rescheduled routes to the airport. However, on social media there are those still asking for help crammed into the basement of the airport during a missile attack together with many other people. The Italian embassy in Israel, however, announced that it had activated an assistance point for departing compatriots – “We are working to try to help stranded compatriots. Their safety is the government’s top priority,” Tajani said.