Israel-Hamas war, Unicef ​​spokesperson on Sky TG24: “Drinking water emergency in Gaza”

“Water is the big issue of the moment. There is even a risk for newborn children under one year of becoming dehydrated.” Andrea Iacomini, spokesperson for Unicef ​​Italia, said this to Sky TG24, speaking about what is happening in the Gaza Strip. Iacomini then added that “we managed to bring material for the purification of water, to restore some pumping systems and we have a desalination plant in the south but the theme of water is the great central theme” (THE SPECIAL ON THE WAR BETWEEN ISRAEL AND HAMAS – WHAT IS HAMAS – THE CAUSES OF THE CONFLICT – THE HISTORICAL REASONS – WHAT IS HEZBOLLAH – WHAT ARE THE KIBBUTZ).

The risks for children

As regards children, Iacomini recalled that due to what is happening in many areas “fourteen hospitals out of 35 no longer work and therefore it is also difficult to assist them. On the other hand there is the risk of diseases, this I say this because it hasn’t been said enough in recent days but it is fundamental. In war contexts like these. We have seen it in Yemen and Syria, where millions of children have been affected. Cholera risks proliferating dramatically.”