Israel, Hamas weapons chief killed

The bodies of 843 civilians killed by Hamas on 7 October have been identified. An Israeli army soldier dies in Gaza, 31 Israeli soldiers killed since the start of the ground operation

The Israeli Forces (IDF) have announced thekilling of Mohsen Abu Zina, considered responsible for Hamas’s weapons manufacturing. This was reported by the Israeli news site Ynet. “As part of his role—according to the Israeli military—Mohsen Abu Zina was one of Hamas’s main weapons developers and was expert in developing strategic weapons and rockets used by Hamas terrorists.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli authorities have identified the bodies of 843 civilians killed by Hamas in the October 7 attack in southern Israel, the Israeli police announced while the IDF confirmed the death of another soldier in the conflict in the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli media reports, he is a 28-year-old reservist from Kfar Shamai, killed in fighting with Hamas in the north of the Palestinian enclave. And the 31st soldier killed in Israeli ground operations in Gazawhich began after the terrible attack a month ago by Hamas in Israel, underlines the Times of Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces meanwhile say they have “attacked over 14,000 terrorist targets” in the past month, eliminating many Hamas militants and destroying key infrastructure and weapons. In the north, IDF troops are in the “heart of Gaza city” and targeting Hamas commanders, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said yesterday. Netanyahu then stated that “Gaza City is surrounded” and that the IDF is “operating within it” and “increasing the pressure exerted on Hamas every hour and every day”.

Meanwhile, yesterday a total of 637 foreign citizens were evacuated from Gaza to Egypt through the Rafah border crossing, an Egyptian official told CNN. This is the highest daily number since evacuations began last week. Furthermore, 15 injured Palestinians have arrived in Egypt for treatment across the border, he added.