Israel, Iran: “Italy must worry about its soldiers in Lebanon”

Tehran’s Defense Minister: “The war will expand if Israel doesn’t stop.” Phone call between the Pope and the Iranian president

“Italy must worry about its soldiers in Lebanon”. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said this to Tg1, adding that “the war will inevitably expand if Israel continues with its attacks against civilians in Gaza. Other resistance forces operate in Lebanon and Yemen and could increase their actions.”

Regarding the UN mission in Lebanon, where a thousand Italian soldiers are present, the Iranian Foreign Minister stated that “Italy should worry about its soldiers, since the Lebanese border area is very unstable. There are clashes every day and Hezbollah has its own strategy.”

“We recognize Hamas as a legitimate resistance force against the oppression of the Palestinian people – said Hossein Amir Abdollahian – We do not approve of the killing of children, but thousands of Palestinian children have already died in Gaza and this too is inhumane. October 7 Israel has collapsed: its security and political system has collapsed. Only its military power remains, which is manipulated by the Americans. Italy should put pressure on the United States to obtain an immediate ceasefire. Otherwise the conflict will explode.”

Phone call between the Pope and the Iranian president

In the afternoon, the Pope had a telephone conversation with the President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi. Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni confirmed this to Adnkronos. The conversation was requested by Raisi.

According to the website of the Iranian Presidency and the ISNA agency, Ebrahim Raisi, during the telephone conversation with the Pontiff, stated that “the horrible and unprecedented crimes of the usurping Zionist regime which has martyred almost 10 thousand people, of which 4 thousand children is the greatest genocide of the century”.