Israel, Iran threatens: “Stop the attack or there will be consequences”

Tehran calls for an end to “war crimes and genocide”

Israel stop or there will be consequences. Iran enters the scene with an explicit threat, while Israel finalizes preparations for the attack against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “If apartheid, Israel’s war crimes and genocide are not stopped immediately, the situation could spiral out of control and lead to far-reaching consequences, the responsibility for which lies with the United Nations, the Security Council and the states that they are leading the Council towards a dead end,” reads a post on X published by Iran’s mission to the United Nations.

The communication fits into a context characterized, in the last few hours, by the rumors spread by Axios in the United States. Iran has sent a message to Israel stressing that it does not want a further escalation in the war with Hamas. Tehran will have to intervene if the Israeli operation in Gaza continues, Axios reports based on information provided by two diplomatic sources familiar with the situation.

Iran’s message, sent to Israel through the United Nations, comes as US President Joe Biden’s administration seeks to dissuade Iran and Hezbollah from direct interventions in the war.

Iran and Hamas

Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Hussein Amirabdollahian, met with the political leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, in Doha, as reported by the Irna news agency. Amirabdollahian arrived in Qatar after a series of visits to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Iran’s support for Hamas has never been a mystery. The movement receives funding from Tehran, with which it has had a consolidated relationship for years. According to a reconstruction by the Wall Street Journal, based on information provided by leading members of Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran helped Hamas plan and organize the attack against Israel.

Tehran would have given the OK to the surprise action, carried out on Saturday 7 October, in a meeting which took place between emissaries of the Iranian regime and members of Hamas last Monday 2 October in Beirut, Lebanon, according to the newspaper according to which the Revolutionary Guards Islamist forces have played an important role since August in collaborating with Hamas to plan the all-out attack. The details of the operation were defined early last week in Beirut in the meeting referred to by the Wall Street Journal.

Iran, which immediately expressed satisfaction with the Hamas attack, denied direct involvement in the operation. According to information gathered by intelligence, the United States does not currently know of Tehran’s participation in the preparation and execution of the actions of October 7th.