Israel, massacre at rave party hit by Hamas: 250 dead

There is fear of a massacre at an electronic music rave in Israel, near the border with the Gaza Strip, where Hamas is said to have killed 250 people: the Israeli media reported this, writing that many victims were Europeans and Americans (LIVE UPDATES). “There could be hundreds dead and missing, perhaps taken hostage, among the young people taking part in the Nova Music Festival”, writes the Independent. Several videos show the attack by Hamas militiamen at the first light of dawn, the shooting and the escape into the middle of the desert. The electronic music festival celebrated Nature for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot near the Reim kibbutz, close to the border with the Strip. There were at least 3 thousand participants at the rave, report several survivors of the impressive organizational staff of the event, with three stages, a camping area and a catering area. The militiamen “shot at everyone for hours”, the witnesses say. Many “were killed in the bathrooms” where they were hiding.

“260 Israeli corpses in the rave party area”

In the area of ​​the rave party of Kibbutz Reim (near the border with Gaza) 260 bodies were found “and the searches have not yet concluded”. This was announced by a spokesperson for the Zaka rabbinical organization responsible for the recovery of corpses in areas that have been the scene of attacks or other violence. The massacre, according to witnesses, was carried out yesterday morning by the military wing of Hamas during the blitz launched on Israeli territory. According to public television Kan, Israeli intelligence believes that Hamas was aware of the party and that it intentionally directed some of its militiamen there.

Noa Argamani, kidnapped with her boyfriend at a rave in the desert

She had gone to the rave in southern Israel with her boyfriend, to celebrate Nature for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, but that party turned into a nightmare for Noa Argamani, protagonist of a video that went viral in which she is taken hostage by militiamen Hamas during Saturday’s attack. In the video, relaunched by CNN, the girl is seen on the back of a motorcycle while she is taken away, amid cries for help. Her boyfriend, Avinatan Or, is taken away by several men and forced to walk with his hands behind his back. In the background, a column of dark smoke. Family and friends of the couple have expressed a desire for the video to be shared, in hopes of locating them and securing their release. “It’s very difficult when you see someone who is so close to you being treated this way,” Amir Moadi, a housemate of Noa, told CNN, adding that he knew five or six other people who had been at the festival who have since disappeared. . “We must do everything immediately to bring them back.”

The testimony of those who escaped the massacre: “Hours of terror behind a tree”

Then there are those who managed to escape the massacre and will hardly be able to forget the terror felt during those very long hours. “They were everywhere, with automatic weapons. They were standing next to the cars and started shooting and I realized that it was very easy to get killed, because everyone was running away in all directions”, is the distressing story entrusted to the BBC by Gili Yoskovich, a Israeli girl who, like hundreds of her peers, took part in the rave to celebrate the Sukkot holiday. “The terrorists were coming from five directions and so we didn’t know whether to run this way or that way, so we got in the car and drove for a while. Someone was shooting at me, so I got out and started running. I saw a plot of land with pomelo trees and I went there” to hide behind one of the trees. There she spent hours of terror and survived because she remained hidden, in silence. “So I was in the middle of an orchard and I was lying on the ground,” explains the woman. “They were all around. They were going from tree to tree, shooting, everywhere, from two sides. I saw people being killed all around. But I was very quiet. I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t doing anything. I was breathing.” The story continues: “I thought about my children, my friend and everything, and I told myself that it wasn’t the right time to die. Not yet. Then… I started hearing someone speaking in Hebrew. Hebrew was being spoken by a side and in Arabic from three others… I understood that there were soldiers”. When she was able, the woman then came out of her hiding place with her hands raised, heading in the direction of the soldiers, who loaded her into a car and took her to safety.