Israel, Netanyahu: “Hamas new Nazis, if they win we all lose”

The Israeli Prime Minister meets French President Macron: “They threaten Jews but also the EU and the world. The French President: “Fight mercilessly against terrorism, but not without rules”

“The barbarities carried out by Hamas threaten the Jews but also the Middle East, the Region, Europe and the world. It is truly a war of civilizations against barbarism and you know the horror of terrorism in Nice and Paris”. To affirm it is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Jerusalem.

“We hope that the war will be quick and effective but it could also be a long war,” Netanyahu said. Hamas, the Israeli prime minister underlines, “are the new Nazis, and as in the Second World War when the Allies supported the French resistance, the international community supports Israel” in this conflict.

The Gaza Strip “is not an enclave that is thousands of kilometers away. It’s like having ISIS on the outskirts of Paris, it’s the equivalent. We must do everything we can do to destroy Hamas, to destroy its structure politics”, the prime minister then pointed out.

In the meantime, Netanyahu further underlines, “we will make all necessary efforts to free the hostages and protect Palestinian civilians. Hamas uses its civilians as a human shield. Civilians must leave the North to go to the South where they will have access to humanitarian aid but Hamas prevents civilians from leaving the territory. Hamas must be destroyed”, reiterates the Israeli prime minister.

“There is an axis of evil led by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas that are fighting to bring the Middle East to the Middle Ages. In front – Netanyahu underlines – there is the modern moderate world that tries to keep us in the 21st century If Hamas wins we will all lose, Europe would be in danger, civilization would be in danger. This fight is not only ours, that of Europe, of America but it is a fight of civilization.”

“The attack by Hamas on 7 October was the worst attack since the Holocaust, worth 20 times the attacks of 11 September”, continued the Israeli prime minister, reiterating: “Hamas are the new Nazis” and during the attacks of October 7 against Israel “Jewish children were forced to hide in attics just like Anne Frank”.

Then the warning: “If Hezbollah makes the mistake of involving itself in this conflict in a significant way, they will regret it. And they will regret the second war in Lebanon which they are already regretting. If they act we will have to act against ourselves. The devastation will be unimaginable. The consequences for them would be terrible.”

Macron: “Fight without mercy, but not without rules”

“The fight must be merciless but not without rules because we are democracies that fight against terrorists. Democracies that respect the law of war and ensure humanitarian access. Democracies that do not target civilians either in Gaza or elsewhere “, says French President Macron after the meeting.

“France – he explained – stands alongside Israel in its fight against Hamas, a terrorist group whose true objective is the destruction of the State of Israel. The objective, as against all other terrorist groups, such as Daesh, Al Qaeda, “The objective must be to defeat them. And this is why France is ready to ensure that international cooperation in the fight against ISIS can also fight against Hamas.”

“This fight against terrorism is an existential question for Israel but also for all of us. Precisely for that reason, and we talked about it together, an international coalition would be needed to fight Hamas. This is what we will have to build”, Macron’s words.