Israel, Netanyahu sees Blinken: “No temporary ceasefire”

The ‘no’ to the entry of fuel into Gaza which is used for hospitals and drinking water was also confirmed

‘No’ to even temporary ceasefire and ‘no’ to the entry of fuel for hospitals in the Gaza Strip. This is the response of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the requests made by the American Secretary of State Antony Blinken who arrived in Israel today 3 November for what is his third visit to the country since the beginning of the conflict with Hamas last 7 October precisely with intent to convince Israel to grant a humanitarian “pause”. to “allow mediation”.

US requests

Blinken first saw Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then President Isaac Herzog. In his talks, he himself reports at the end, issues were addressed regarding “a humanitarian pause” which, according to the US Secretary of State, could help “hostage efforts and the delivery of aid to civilians” in Gaza. “We discussed how to use the humanitarian pause to deliver aid and hostages and how to ensure that this does not help Hamas”, he added.

“Must avoid denying fuel to Gaza hospitals“Blinken added.

Israel’s ‘no’

There will be no ceasefire, even temporary, until all hostages in the Gaza Strip are returned to Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu said after meeting Blinken. ”Israel refuses a temporary ceasefire that does not include the return of the hostages,” he said.

And after the meeting, the Israeli prime minister has not changed his mind not even on the no to sending fuel in the Gaza Strip, several Israeli media report, citing sources from the prime minister’s office. Netanyahu has so far always rejected any request to bring in fuel, necessary for hospitals and water pumpspointing out that Hamas has large reserves for military use.

Blinken to Herzog: “Israel has the right to defense but how it does it matters”

In the meeting with President Herzog, the US Secretary of State then reiterated that Israel “has not only the right but the duty to defend itself and do everything possible to ensure that October 7th never happens again, the world in which Israel does it matters“.

“It’s very important that when it comes to the defense of civilians who are trapped in the clash provoked by Hamas – added Blinken – what we do to protect them and bring aid to those in desperate need, and they are in no way responsible for what happened on October 7th“.

“Determined to do everything to save hostages”

As for the Israeli hostages, he assured that “We are determined to do everything we can to get them back safely from their families. Our hearts go out to them, we understand, we want an immediate release”, said Blinken and Herzog, underlining that “we think every single minute about our hostages, so many Israelis, Americans and other foreign citizens”.

Tomorrow Blinken will fly to Amman and with Arab countries he will talk about the usefulness of humanitarian pauses rather than insisting on a ceasefire.