Israel, Netanyahu: “War will last many months, more time is needed against Hamas”

The Israeli Prime Minister: “Hostages? We said no to ultimatums”

Israel ”is fighting on all fronts”, but more time is needed to win against Hamas, so much so that the war in the Gaza Strip ”will last many more months” than initially expected. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broadens the time horizon of the conflict with Hamas and, in fact, cancels news and hypotheses relating to a solution that can be reached in the short term. ”We will ensure that Hamas does not continue to pose a threat to Israel,” he says. The IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces, have eliminated over eight thousand Hamas terrorists since last October 7, after the attack launched on southern Israel, according to the toll provided by the prime minister. ”Israel will act against Iran everywhere” and will try to strengthen its northern border. So much so that if “Hezbollah were to expand the war, it would suffer severe blows with Iran”, he says, warning Tehran and the militiamen who are attacking Israel from the north.

The hypothesis of a ceasefire at the moment does not seem destined to materialize because “Hamas has proposed various types of ultimatums regarding the hostages which we have not accepted”. If an agreement is possible, ”it will be completed”. At this moment, Netanyahu adds, ”we see a possibility, perhaps”. But he also underlines: ”I don’t want to raise exaggerated expectations”.

Netanyahu’s popularity at home is plummeting. According to a recent poll by the Channel 13 broadcaster, 70% of citizens believe the prime minister should resign. In particular, 41% believe he should resign at the end of the war. For 31% he should leave immediately: ”The only thing I will distance myself from is Hamas,” he says.