Israel, new raids on Gaza which responds to rocket fire: two more victims

Tensions remain very high in Gaza, the epicenter of the clashes with Israel which have intensified as the hours go by. Anti-missile warning sirens sounded in the morning in the greater Tel Aviv area, particularly in Ramat Gan and Givataym and in some peripheral parts of the city due to the launch of rockets from Gaza. Only a few hours earlier, the Israeli army had struck “Islamic Jihad operatives who were at a rocket launch site” near Khan in a new attack in the south of the Strip.

The number of Palestinian victims rises

The new Israeli attack took place after a night of quiet following the peak of tension due to the killing of three Jihad commanders in the Strip and 10 other civilians, including women and children. The army said “operational terrorists who were working on a launch site” were hit. Two militiamen were killed today in Rafah, the local health ministry reported. According to journalistic sources, they are militiamen from the Abu Ali Mustafa brigades, the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Gaza’s health ministry has provided an updated Palestinian death toll from two days of Israeli attacks. 20 died, including 4 women and 5 minors. At least 42 are injured.

Over 100 rockets fired from Gaza

Over the course of an hour over 100 Palestinian rockets were fired from Gaza into Israeli territory. Most fell within a radius of about 40 kilometers from the Strip while some also reached the center of the country. This was reported by Israeli public television Kan according to which material damage is limited (thanks to the intervention of the Iron Dome air defense system) and so far no casualties have been reported. Israel, meanwhile, is “ready to broaden the current operation and inflict and inflict heavy blows on Gaza now and in the future”. Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said this when speaking with the mayors of municipalities in southern Israel that are under rocket attack from the Strip.