Israel, new warning to civilians in Gaza: “Go south, away from Hamas”

The IDF: “New aid on the way”. The warning from Iran: the Jewish state has “crossed the red line” and “could force everyone to intervene”. Clashes in the West Bank, 3 Palestinians killed. Telephone lines and internet return to Gaza

As they continue Israeli operations in response to the terrible October 7 attack by Hamas in Israel, in the next few hours “humanitarian efforts for Gaza will be strengthened, led by Egypt and the United States”. This was assured by the spokesperson of the Israeli Forces (IDF), Daniel Hagari, as reported by the Israeli news site Ynet.

The IDF, the spokesperson explains, “has been warning the inhabitants of Gaza for more than two weeks, through various means of communication, to stay away from Hamas positions. Today we insist on the urgency of this warning: civilians in northern Gaza and Gaza City must temporarily move south to safer placeswhere they can have water, food and medicine.”

Meanwhile, the number of Israeli troops deployed as part of the operation in Strisci is increasing. The IDF has increased the number of units in the field as part of the expansion of operations in the Palestinian enclavewrites the Times of Israel according to which the forces are intervening deeper in the Strip than in recent days.

Meanwhile, in the north of the Gaza Strip, an officer of the Israeli forces was seriously injured by the impact of a mortar shell and another soldier was injured during a firefight with Hamas. Both were transferred to hospital. This was reported by the Times of Israel, as confirmed by the Israeli military. The accidents occurred during the night.

“450 Hamas targets hit in 24 hours”

Around 450 Hamas targets were hit in the last 24 hours in Israeli fighter operations in the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces say on X. Hamas command centers, observation posts and anti-tank missile launchers targeted. . They confirm that the activities of the ground forces in the Strip, controlled by Hamas, were extensive, with the ground troops hitting “terrorist cells” who were preparing to launch attacks, including with anti-tank missiles.

Warning to Israel from Iran: “Red line crossed”

Israel has “crossed the red line” and “could force everyone to intervene.” This is what we read in the meantime in a post published on the account of Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi on social media.

“The crimes of the Zionist regime have crossed the red lines, which could force everyone to intervene – we read – Washington asks us to do nothing, but continues to ensure broad support for Israel. The United States has sent messages to the axis of resistance (Iranian-backed forces in the Middle East, including Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah), but received a clear response on the battlefield.”

Clashes in the West Bank, 3 Palestinians killed

Three Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the West Bank in the last few hours. The satellite TV al-Jazeera, which relaunches news from the Palestinian agency Wafa, reports that a young man was killed by fire from Israeli forces during a raid in the refugee camp of Askar, near Nablus. Another Palestinian was killed in Beit Rima, north of Ramallah, and the third in Tammoun, in the Tubas area.

Telephone lines and internet restored in Gaza

“Gradual restoration” in the Gaza Strip for telephone lines, mobile and landlines, and the Internet. This was confirmed by the Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel) on the social network