Israel, night raid: “Full control of the border with Gaza has been regained”

This was reported by Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson Hagari. Over 200 targets hit in the Gaza Strip. The deaths are 900

The Israeli army has regained full control of the border with the Gaza Strip, after the Saturday morning assault by Hamas according to the latest news of today 10 October. This was announced by the spokesperson of the Israeli Defense Forces, Daniel Hagari, according to whom “in the last day not a single terrorist entered through the barrier” which had been blown up three days ago in various points by the militiamen.

Overnight, the Israel Defense Forces reportedly struck over 200 targets in the Gaza Strip. The sites include an weapons depot in a mosque, an apartment used by Hamas rocket forces and other military installations.

The death toll

Meanwhile, the death toll from the Hamas attack in Israel continues to rise, reaching 900 deaths, writes Haaretz. According to the Israeli government press office, 2,600 people have been injured. At the rave attacked by Hamas in Israel alone, near the border with the Gaza Strip, 260 people died. The death toll among Palestinians also rises after Israel’s response with air raids conducted by the armed forces on the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank in retaliation: at least 687 Palestinians have been killed since 7 October. This was announced by the Ministry of Health in the besieged coastal enclave. The ministry also said some 3,726 people were injured.


Israel’s siege of Gaza in response to Hamas’ attack on the country last Saturday “is just the beginning”. Word of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who spoke again yesterday evening without however specifying whether the raids will also be followed by a land invasion.

The prime minister added that Israel will do everything to free prisoners held in Gaza, but warned that “difficult days are approaching” for the Jewish state, days that could create the conditions for a conflict that could take weeks, or even more, to conclude.

Yesterday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant ordered “a total siege” of the Gaza Strip – also interrupting the supply of gas, water and fuel, in response to the attack. Meanwhile “the bodies of around 1,500 Palestinian terrorists have been found in Israeli territory near the Gaza border”, writes the Jerusalem Post in X.

Hamas threatens to kill hostages

Meanwhile, the ultimatum from Hamas regarding the hostages has arrived, which in all likelihood also includes 2 Italian-Israelis. Hamas, Abu Obaida, spokesperson for the al-Qassam Brigades, later explained in a video, will not negotiate over hostages under Israeli fire: “It has become clear that the enemy’s hostages are at just as much risk as our people in light of the aggression against the Gaza Strip”. “We will not deliberate or negotiate on the issue of hostages under fire, in light of aggression or in light of battle.”

Abu Obaida added that the al-Qassam Brigades are holding a large number of hostages in places of detention and that some have been killed. At least four civilians were killed while in Hamas custody, just steps from where armed militants were escorting them near the Gaza border, videos obtained and geolocated by CNN show.

Egypt: “Israel underestimated our warnings about Hamas”

Israel had been warned by Egyptian intelligence that Hamas was preparing ”something big”, but it ignored the warnings. This is what an Egyptian intelligence source quoted on condition of anonymity by the Israeli media claims. The Israeli authorities, the source added, preferred to focus on the threat from the West Bank while ignoring that from the Gaza Strip.

”We warned them that the situation was about to explode and very soon too. And it would have been great. But they underestimated these warnings,” the source said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office responded to a statement about reports of warnings from Egyptian officials about an impending offensive received several days before the Hamas attack, saying the reports are “erroneous and false.”

Meloni, Biden, Sunak, Macron and Scholz: The 5-party summit on the crisis

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni participated yesterday evening in a telephone meeting with the President of the United States Joe Biden, the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron and the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, dedicated to examining the serious crisis “that opened after last Saturday’s barbaric attack perpetrated by Hamas against the State of Israel”.

The five Heads of State and Government, we read in a note from Palazzo Chigi, “expressed firm support for Israel and an unequivocal condemnation of the appalling criminal acts of Hamas, which have caused a terrible number of innocent victims, including children, women and the elderly. We then discussed the most urgent political initiatives to be undertaken together. The protection of the lives of the hostages, starting with even very young children, is an absolute priority and diplomatic efforts will focus on it”.