Israel, ok to truce for a day: news from Egypt

“Provided there is international supervision,” Egyptian media report. Israeli army: “Hamas base under Gaza hospital”

Israel agreed to a one-day truce provided there is international supervision.” This was reported by the Egyptian all-news site ‘Al-Qahera News’, citing government sources without providing further information.

The acceleration of negotiations was previously reported between Israel and Hamas to agree on a ceasefire it was the Al Jazeera satellite TV which, citing its own sources, spoke of “Qatar mediation” which also concerned the issue of kidnapped people in Gaza and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Last October 7, during the bloody attack on Israel in which over 1,400 civilians were killed, Hamas kidnapped 233 people, including infants, young children and elderly people. At the moment only four women have been freed.

Musa Abu Marzuk, a member of Hamas’ Polibur on a visit to Moscow, reported in an interview with the Russian news agency Ria Novosti that Hamas is ready to free the civilian hostages, but Israeli bombings prevent it. Most Israelis have dual passports: “Russia, the United States, France, Spain and Italy, and many countries have turned to us with requests regarding their citizens detained in the Gaza Strip, including Russian friends,” Abu said. Marzuk – on the Russian request we are more positive and attentive, given the nature of our relations with Russia”. Despite having other citizenships, “all those captured are Israelis for us,” he added.

Israel: Hamas headquarters located under the Gaza hospital

The Hamas headquarters in Gaza is located under the Shifa Central Hospital. This was reported by IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari, according to whom from there it is only accessible through various underground tunnels and from some units of the hospital, with which it also shares the electricity grid. orders arrive to Hamas members and the launch of rockets against Israel is coordinated. Hagari stressed that one of Hamas’ control centers is located inside Shifa, managed by the organization’s security service. “The hospital has 1,500 beds and around 4,000 staff members who form a ‘human shield’ for leaders,” the spokesperson said.