Israel, on Sky TG24 the story of a survivor of the rave party raid. VIDEO

“The music stopped and at first we thought there was a problem with the power.” She tells it, a Sky TG24, a girl who survived the Hamas attack on a rave party in the Negev desert on Saturday 7 October. “There were no shelters so some of us lay down on the ground, while others started running. We didn’t know what to do. We had been drinking, smoking, we were defenseless, shocked and scared. I decided we had to escape, with the car” (THE LIVE UPDATES – THE SKY TG24 SPECIAL).

“We just prayed that the terrorists wouldn’t reach us”

The young woman’s story continues like this: “I took my friend’s keys and asked him to drive, and we all got into the car and started driving like crazy.” “We tried to go in one direction”, continues the girl, “but the terrorists started shooting at us and so we had to quickly turn around”. “Everywhere we went, we heard the Ural people, and the terrorists coming towards us, starting to shoot at us, we saw them running towards us, others were in cars, others had huge weapons pointed at us.” At that point, the boys realized they “were moving targets”, so “we remained silent, me and three other friends”. “We could hear the shots above us, very close, and the missiles, and the terrorists talking to each other in Arabic, and we could hear our Israeli friends shouting, we didn’t know if they had been kidnapped, killed, we didn’t know who they were, we prayed just that they didn’t reach us.”

Rescue after 6 hours

“We tried to call the police for a long time and tried to call our families to tell them we loved them, because we didn’t think we could do it.” After 6 hours “two people, two angels, came to save us”. One of them “is now dead, however, because he was killed a few days later while he was trying to save more and more survivors.” “I don’t feel alive anymore”, concludes the girl.