Israel raid on Gaza, “7 dead including a girl and 40 injured”

Operation ‘Breaking Dawn’ is underway. Israeli Prime Minister Lapid: “We will not allow terrorists to threaten citizens of Israel”

According to the Hamas Ministry of Health, the toll of the air raid conducted by the Israeli armed forces in the northern Gaza Strip against Islamic Jihad targets has risen to seven dead and forty wounded. Among the victims, according to the authorities that govern the Palestinian enclave, there is also a five-year-old girl. The images of the little victim have been disseminated on social networks.

The Israeli Defense Forces, on the other hand, said that between ten and twenty terrorists were killed in the raid‘operation’ Breaking Dawn ‘ launched against the extremist organization. The al-Quds Brigades identified the jihadist leader killed in Tayseer Al-Jabari, nickname “Abu Mahmoud”, saying that he was “martyred by the Zionist traitor”.

The Israeli army explains that several Islamic Jihad targets have been hit in the north of the Palestinian enclave, while Israelis living near the border have been asked to take shelter in shelters in the event of rocket fire. The IDF has warned those living up to 50 miles from the Gaza Strip, including Tel Aviv, that there is a risk of rocket fire.

“The Israeli government will not allow terrorist organizations to set the agenda in cities close to the Gaza Strip and threaten the citizens of Israel,” reads a joint statement by the Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz after the raid on the Gaza Strip.

“Anyone who tries to harm Israel must know that we will catch him. The security forces will act against the terrorists of Islamic Jihad to remove the threat from the citizens of Israel,” Lapid said. “The task is to protect Israeli cities and citizens of Israel. We will not allow anyone to threaten or harm the citizens of Israel. Anyone who tries, will be hit,” echoed Gantz.