Israel, raid on Gaza destroys home of Hamas leader Haniyeh

IDF: weapons depot of Hamas naval forces destroyed. Biden: “Confident about hostages”. Ok UN Security Council resolution on humanitarian pauses

While the search for an agreement between Hamas and Israel on the hostages continues, an Israeli plane hit the house of Hamas political leader, Ismail Haniyeh, in the Gaza Strip according to the latest news on the war today, November 16. The Times of Israel recalls that Haniyeh lives in exile in Qatar. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) made this known, stating that the house was ”used as a terrorist infrastructure and, among other things, as a meeting place for senior officials of the Hamas organization”. The IDF shared a video of the raid.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) also destroyed weapons and equipment of the Hamas naval forces found in the al-Shati camp in Gaza City, the IDF reports, specifying that the operation was successfully conducted by the troops of the reconnaissance unit of the Nahal Brigade. In the weapons cache there was diving equipment, firearms and explosive devices. The IDF also adds that Israeli paratroopers also identified caches of weapons and explosives in the northern Gaza Strip during the night following a firefight with Hamas militiamen. The Israeli military found suicide vests, other explosive devices, RPGs, anti-tank missiles and intelligence documents.

Biden: “War will end when Hamas can no longer do horrible things to Israel”

“I don’t know how long the war in Gaza will last. The Israeli operation will end when Hamas no longer has the ability to kill, abuse and do horrible things to Israelis”. American President Joe Biden declared this during a press conference after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. At the same time, Biden recalled that “people are being killed in Gaza” and clarified that “Israel has an obligation to use the greatest possible caution in pursuing its objectives. Hamas has said it intends to attack the Israelis again and this is a terrible dilemma”. Biden also said he had made it clear “to the Israelis that it would be a mistake to reoccupy the Gaza Strip” and that he told Benjamin Netanyahu “that a two-state solution is the only solution.”

Biden also said he was ”slightly confident” about the possibility of reaching an agreement for the release of the approximately 240 hostages brought by Israel to the Gaza Strip, underlining that ”we have obtained great collaboration from Qatar”, an important mediator in the Middle East region. ”I don’t want to rush too much because I don’t know what happened in the last four hours,” Biden said, referring to the length of his conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Ok UN Security Council resolution on humanitarian pauses. Israel: “No stops until hostages are released”

Yesterday the United Nations Security Council approved with 12 votes in favor and three abstentions (United Kingdom, United States and Russia) a draft resolution presented by Malta calling for “urgent and prolonged pauses and humanitarian corridors throughout the Gaza Strip for a certain number of days to allow access for aid.” The resolution approved is the first since the attacks of October 7 and since the beginning of Israel’s war against Hamas. All previous attempts had been blocked by crossed vetoes.

But Israel contests the resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council, which calls for “extended humanitarian pauses” in the Gaza Strip. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that “there is no room for humanitarian pauses as long as 239 hostages are still in the hands of Hamas terrorists.”