Israel, raid on Gaza. USA: “Rafah crossing open from 9”

A Hamas command center and “infrastructure” hit. Peace summit in Egypt. US and Israel consider interim government in Gaza

Israeli air strikes continue on the Gaza Strip two weeks after the terrible October 7 attack by Hamas in Israel. While it is expected the opening of the Rafah crossing is scheduled for this morning. According to the latest news today, 21 October 2023, the Israeli forces (IDF) confirmed that they had struck “numerous Hamas targets” in the Palestinian enclave during the night, including a command center and “infrastructure” of the group that controls the Strip . The military, the Times of Israel reports, also made it known through spokesman Daniel Hagari that they had targeted sites for launching anti-tank missiles and positions used by snipers on top of buildings in Palestinian territory.

Rafah crossing expected to open today

The Rafah crossing on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt will “open” in less than an hour. “We have received information according to which the Rafah crossing will open on Saturday 21 October, at 10am local time (9am in Italy)”, reads a notice released by the US embassy in Israel, which clarifies that it is not aware of “how much it will remain open, if it is open, for the passage of foreign citizens leaving Gaza.” The embassy warns that “many people will try to cross if the crossing is opened” and warns US citizens of what risks becoming a “chaotic and disorderly” situation on both sides of the transit.

Raid from Lebanon

An Israeli soldier from the IDF military reserve died in an attack with an anti-tank missile near Margaliot, in northern Israel, along the border with Lebanon. The Israeli media reported it. According to what was reported by the Times of Israel, 22-year-old Sergeant Omer Balva from Herzliya died in an attack carried out yesterday. According to Haaretz, two other reservists suffered injuries considered moderate, while a third was slightly injured.

Peace summit in Egypt

And while the moment for the start of the ground operation seems to be approaching, Egypt is hosting the Middle East peace summit today in Cairo. Guests of the President of Egypt Abdel Fatah al Sisi will be the leaders and foreign ministers of around twenty countries: for Italy there will be the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who will speak at the first session of the morning. Then, if conditions permit, she could fly to Tel Aviv to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Also present was Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani.

US and Israel consider interim government in Gaza

American and Israeli officials are apparently evaluating, starting from the post-Hamas reasoning in the Gaza Strip, the possibility of installing an interim government supported by the UN and with the involvement of governments of Arab countries in the Palestinian enclave. Bloomberg reported this in an article relaunched by Europa Press which cites sources familiar with what is being assessed in the US regarding the future of the Palestinian enclave controlled by Hamas and targeted by Israeli bombings after the terrible attack on 7 October by Hamas in Israel.

The evolution of the talks, still in the initial phase, depends – according to the sources – on the developments, on the outcome of the announced Israeli ground operation in Gaza and in any case an initiative of this kind necessarily requires the support of the Arab countries of the region, an unexpected fact.

According to William Usher, a former CIA Middle East expert analyst, the establishment of an interim government would be an incredibly difficult operation and it would be even more complicated to obtain the consent of Arab governments. “It would also require a leap of faith from Jerusalem,” he added.