Israel raids Syria after rocket fire

Raid on Syria. This was announced by the Israeli army: it happened in the night after last night’s rocket launch (six, according to Israel) from the Syrian territory towards the annexed part of Israel from the Golan Heights: “The artillery is hitting the air of the Syria from which rockets have been fired into Israeli territory”, the brief statement.

The situation

The Israeli military added that it also used a drone to target the devices with which the rockets were launched. According to Israel, at least one rocket was intercepted by the anti-aircraft system and two landed in uninhabited areas of the Golan Heights. Israel captured in 1967 and annexed part of the Syrian Golan Heights, a strategic region that also borders Lebanon. The Jewish state has recently intensified its raids in Syria, targeting in particular the positions of pro-Iranian groups, its number one enemy. Thirty rockets were fired from Lebanon towards Israel on Thursday, wounding one person and causing material damage. The Israeli military later claimed that the launches are “Palestinians”, most likely from the ruling Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Israel reacted by carrying out attacks in Gaza and southern Lebanon.