Israel, Schlein: “Condemn Hamas but don’t turn your back on the Palestinian people”

The Dem leader: “It would be a gift to those who want to destroy the PNA and the prospect of peace. The only solution remains ‘two peoples, two states'”

He unambiguously condemns Hamas’s attack on Israel but no to “turning his back on the entire Palestinian people” because “it would be a favor to Hamas”. This, in a nutshell, is the line of the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein who in her speech to the Chamber calls for a diplomatic effort to restore peace in the Middle East with the objective of two peoples and two states as the horizon, “the only possible perspective”.

“Hamas must be isolated”

“As Minister Tajani said” what happened was “a very serious act of aggression by Hamas which opens a conflict which risks spreading and which must be condemned without ambiguity”, confirms Schlein recalling the acts against civilians, against children and the elderly, against the kids at the rave, acts “contrary to the very sense of humanity”. It is “one of the most brutal episodes of violence in the last 50 years”. For this reason, he says, “Hamas must be isolated. We will need to deploy all diplomacy to isolate Hamas among the Palestinians and in the Arab world”. Because, he insists, “those who commit havoc like Hamas are enemies of the Palestinians”.

“Hamas’s objective of dealing the final blow to the PNA is clear. We must prevent that plan from coming to fruition”, he urges. “The Palestinians’ just aspirations for peace and freedom – underlines the secretary of the Democratic Party – risk being further victims of Hamas. The only division to emerge now is between those who want lasting peace and those who want terror”.

“Israel has the right to defense but to avoid escalation”

“Now – warns the Dem leader – we need strength, union and political intelligence. Israel has the right to exist and has the right to defend itself in line with international and humanitarian law”.

But in the meantime “we ask the Italian government to encourage the resumption of dialogue between the parties to avoid an escalation that would undermine civil coexistence. Italy – this is the request of the PD leader – in line with its great diplomatic tradition can and must play a role for peace. The peace process in the Middle East must be resumed. It was the hope of Oslo and remains the hope for future generations of Israelis and Palestinians. We will all have to commit ourselves to a prospect of peace. Italy and Europe – this is Schlein’s appeal – make every effort. All the energies of the Democratic Party will be directed towards achieving peace.”

“One perspective, two peoples, two states

“The solution of two peoples and two states is the only objective that we must pursue, even if it appears distant at the moment it remains the only solution. Thus Elly Schlein in the Chamber. “Israel has the right to exist, the Palestinians live in peace in their territories. This is the only possible perspective, the only one capable of stripping murderers of any alibi.

“Concerned about the kidnapped, protect the lives of children”

The Dem leader then expressed “on behalf of the PD group her condolences for all the victims and concern for the hostages, including the two Italians whose traces have been lost. Make every effort to protect the lives of the children and achieve their immediate release “.