Israel, tension rises with Lebanon: Hezbollah targets hit

The raids in response to anti-tank attacks on Israeli territory

Tensions between Israel and Lebanon are rising. In today’s news, October 19, 2023, on the war against Hamas, the Israel Defense Forces announced that they had attacked Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon in the last few hours, in response to anti-tank attacks on Israeli territory. Among the targets targeted, they announced, was an observation point in southwestern Lebanon, from which anti-tank fire was directed against the Israeli border city of Rosh Hanikra yesterday. ‘Ha’aretz’ reports.

From Biden to Netanyahu and aid to Gaza

Meanwhile, United States President Joe Biden has returned to Washington. Yesterday, during the quick trip to Tel Aviv and the meeting with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, the US leader expressed solidarity with Israel, to which he offered military aid but must avoid an extended war on Hezbollah, and obtained the sending of humanitarian aid to Gaza, with Egypt’s approval for the opening of the Rafah crossing. Biden has announced a speech to the nation for this evening on the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East.