Israel under attack, from bulldozers to hang gliders: this is how Hamas crossed the border

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Hamas’s vast attack on Israel starting from the Gaza Strip (REAL-TIME UPDATES) has highlighted a certain porosity of the protection barrier: among the most striking images, The messenger cites that of some Hamas militiamen who used a motorized hang glider to cross the border. However, there were many methods.

Bulldozers, bulldozers, golf cars, motorboats

The protective net was also broken down with bulldozers, which created gaps through which dozens of militiamen passed on motorcycles. Furthermore, Hamas released a photo showing a bulldozer intent on removing part of the fence. Together with the paramilitary organization, groups such as Islamic Jihad also participated in the attack. The messenger also mentions using an electric golf cart to transport prisoners. Then there are those who entered by sea, via motorboats. Once they entered the territory controlled by Israel, the Palestinian factions killed soldiers, took people hostage and took away some military vehicles such as tanks and trucks.

The attacks

It all began at the first light of dawn on October 7, the day that closes the Jewish holidays of Sukkot, as happened 50 years ago during Yom Kippur: 5,000 rockets rained down from Gaza, causing destruction and causing hundreds of victims and thousands injured. Warning sirens rang out in the center and south of the country, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where people ran into shelters. After the launch of the rockets, the militiamen entered Jewish territory and the kibbutzim close to the Strip from air, land and sea, taking civilians and soldiers hostage and killing others, while people ran to barricade themselves in shelters. According to the media, there are dozens of hostages, but the number has not been confirmed. Clashes between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militiamen occurred in border kibbutzim, from Ofakim and Beeri to Nirim and others.

There is also fighting in Gaza

Images spread on social media also showed the battle in the streets of Sderot, where Hamas allegedly took control of a police station. Tensions also rose in the West Bank, while in Gaza, as darkness fell, electricity was cut. The Israeli air force responded by pounding the Strip with attacks that caused at least two hundred deaths and more than a thousand injuries, hitting Hamas and Jihad positions. According to the military spokesman, Hamas military infrastructure which was housed in two skyscrapers in central Gaza was also attacked. Doctors Without Borders spoke about two affected hospitals, the Indonesian Hospital and the Nasser Hospital.