Israeli Ambassador to Italy on Sky TG24: “Hamas uses civilians as human shields”. VIDEO

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With the situation on the ground constantly evolving, we have decided to collect some information here that allows us to get an idea of ​​the broader context through maps, factsheets and insights.

“We do not want to retaliate after Hamas’ cruel attack. It is impossible for us not to neutralize the possibility of new attacks. We tried to avoid it for many years. Hamas has made it impossible for us not to respond. We want to evacuate as many civilians as possible.” This was said by Alon Bar, Israeli ambassador to Italy, interviewed during the Start broadcast (ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR: ALL LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL). “As long as Hamas continues to use civilians as human shields, they should be held responsible for these deaths,” he added. According to the diplomat, “humanitarian corridors are possible but Hamas must be stopped, there will be dialogue only when the terrorists are out of Gaza”.

Ambassador Bar: “Camp Jabalia is a military center of Hamas”

Israeli Ambassador Alon Bar continued by saying that “Jabalia camp is not just a refugee camp, it is also a Hamas military operations center from which terrorists launch attacks on Israel and from which missiles are launched against civilians daily basis. We must block the terrorists’ ability to attack.” He then added: “We only have difficult options, we must protect the hostages and avoid civilian deaths, there is a lot of misinformation from Hamas. The best way is to keep it short. The war will end when Hamas is eradicated.”

“Hamas responsible for child deaths in Gaza”

“The fact that children are among the victims” of this war “is a terrible thing,” the Ambassador said. “As long as Hamas continues to use civilians – women, children and the elderly – as human shields to protect itself, they are the ones who should be held responsible for these deaths,” he stressed. Bar then observed that “there is no distinction between Israeli and Palestinian children: the distinction is that of responsibility, that is, who is making an effort to prevent the children from becoming victims and who is using the children intentionally by trying to kill them or to use them as human shields.” “The murder of children means trying to kill them intentionally, and that is what Hamas is doing – he added -. We are trying to do everything possible to avoid it. This is the difference between us”.

Ambassador Bar: “Concerns about incidents of anti-Semitism”

On the rising wave of anti-Semitic incidents, Bar said: “There are concerns, there is a climate of intimidation. Politicians and the media have an important responsibility, Hamas is making an effort to put their attacks and Israel’s offensive on the same level. We have very strong contact with the Italian government, I think they are responding well to these threats.”