Israeli blitz inside al-Shifa hospital: tanks and over 100 soldiers employed

With the situation on the ground constantly evolving, we have decided to collect some information here that allows us to get an idea of ​​the broader context through maps, factsheets and insights.

The Israeli army has entered Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital for a “targeted” military operation in a “specific” area of ​​the facility. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), on Telegram, called on “all Hamas terrorists present in the hospital to surrender” (ALL LIVE UPDATES). Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said this morning that the blitz is continuing, adding that

before entering there was fighting and terrorists were killed.

Over 100 soldiers engaged in the blitz

Of the few details that are known for now about the blitz, which came after weeks of siege on Gaza, it is known that over 100 Israeli soldiers were involved, according to reports from the BBC quoting a witness. Israeli tanks and bulldozers are located on the hospital campus, a doctor at the facility later reported, ad Al Jazeera. And it also emerges that the decision to enter the hospital was taken only when the army knew “what exactly was there and where it was” in the hospital, as he said a security source at Military Radio, cited by


Israel: “medical teams” present

Israel, in a statement, explained that the IDF forces include “medical teams and people who speak Arabic, who have undergone training specific to prepare for this complex environment and

sensitive, with the intention of not causing any harm to the civilians used by Hamas as human shields”. The army then recalls that “in recent weeks, the IDF has publicly and repeatedly warned that the continued military use of the Shifa hospital by part of Hamas puts its protected status under international law at risk, and allowed as much time as needed to put an end to this

illegal abuse of the hospital. Yesterday the IDF reiterated to the competent authorities in Gaza that all military activities inside the hospital they had to stop within 12 hours.

Unfortunately, this did not happen.”

Hamas to the international community: “Save the patients”

Hamas’ reaction was immediate: “Inside the Shifa complex there are 1,500 medical staff members and around 7,000 displaced people. We appeal to all countries to take urgent action to save the patients”, the ministry spokesperson wrote on Telegram of Hamas Healthcare. Furthermore, for Hamas, American President Joe Biden is “entirely responsible” for the military operation. “The Israeli occupation forces are committing a new crime against humanity, against medical personnel and against patients, by besieging and bombing the medical complex”, said the Palestinian Minister of Health, Mai Al-Kaila.